Hospital Directory

Main: 970.263.4918
Admissions: 970.201.4299
Business Office:   970.683.7131 or 1.888.320.5218


Patient Advocacy

A very important person in the hospital is our patient representative who serves as an advocate for our patients. Our patient representative is available to patients and/or loved ones to help in clarifying needs, linking inquiries to the right resources and assisting understanding of information, both given and received. They will help you with both grievances and compliments, patient rights, and the quality of care & service received during a patient’s stay.

Patient Representative: 970.683.7114
Office of Patient Advocacy: 866.470.5928 (Toll-free)

Medical Records

Our Medical Records staff can help you to request a copy of your health information or have your records sent to another health care provider.

Phone: 970.683.7252
Fax: 970.683.7055 or 970.255.1266
515 28 3/4 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81501

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